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Can the color or your mug effect the taste?

by Spicer Matthews on Aug 11, 2020

Can the color or your mug effect the taste?

If your cup of Joe tastes more bitter or sweet today, don’t blame your coffee-making skills. New research shows the color of your mug might change how you perceive the flavor.


December 11, 2014

You probably don’t put much thought into all the mugs you’ve acquired over the years, but new research suggests the one you choose to fill up in the morning has more power than you think. Namely, the color of the mug may influence how sweet or bitter the coffee tastes to you, according to a new study in the journal Flavour.

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Researchers completed separate studies where two different sets of volunteers were asked to rate the flavor of a cafe latte. In the first study, 18 people drank from a white porcelain mug, blue porcelain mug, or transparent glass mug, and answered taste questionnaires. In the end, those who sipped from the white mugs deemed the taste to be significantly more intense than those who were served from the clear glass mugs.