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Available Now! New Gen2 30oz, 20oz, and 10oz Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Double-Wall Insulated Travel Mugs

safe travel mug no chemicals

•Durable and Safe Ceramic Coating with “Taste Lock”®

• Thick Double Wall 304 Vacuum Sealed Stainless Steel Core.

• 30oz/ 20oz / 10oz Capacity

• Pressure Locking Durable Lid 

• Stays Piping Hot for Hours and Keeps Ice for up to 24hrs.



Deal of the Day

Great Gift For The Tea Lover

Bamboo / Ceramic Tea Mug *NOW* Free 100% Silicone Travel Lid

$29.99 $24.95

• One-Of-A-Kind Real Bamboo Outer Lining (Every Mug Has It’s Own Grain and Color Pattern and No Two Are The Same)
• Mug is Fully Ceramic Lined (Eliminates Foul Tastes and Smells Created by Stainless Steel Mugs)
• Comfortable Ceramic Drinking Surface (Ceramic is Wrapped and Extends Down to Alleviate Unnecessary Burns That can Occur From a Metal Surface.)
• 304 Stainless Steel (Basket Style) Tea Infuser with Micro Mesh. (Traps Loose Tea in a Sealed Basket to Avoid Contamination)
• Holds Approx. 10oz (A little More Than 1 cup) with Spill Proof Lid. Care, Tips, and Handling Instructions are Included.



Can the color or your mug effect the taste?

Can the color or your mug effect the taste?

The Weird Way Your Mug Can Affect How Your Coffee Tastes Getty Images If your cup of Joe tastes more bitter or sweet today, don't blame your coffee-making skills. New research shows the color of your mug might change how you perceive the flavor. RACHEL SWALIN December...

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