28oz Porcelain Ceramic Coated Travel Mug (Stainless Steel)


28oz Porcelain Ceramic Coated Travel Mug (Stainless Steel)

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Everything you love about your favorite insulated travel mug without sacrificing taste. Our brand new Taste The Earth 28oz porcelain ceramic coated travel mug is the world’s first large capacity double wall insulated travel mug. No one drinks out of metal cups at home; why should you be forced to do so on the go? This premium mug is designed to give the consumer the best tasting, pure, and natural experience no matter where you are. The durable porcelain coating with Taste Lock keeps nasty metallic and plastic tastes from mingling with your favorite beverages. The double wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel core keeps contents piping hot and freezing cold. Our included lid design is made of durable shatter-proof BPA free dishwasher-safe plastic. The 100% silicone seals keeps spills at bay and create a vacuum keeping things their freshest. The fluid attenuator valve slows down fluid flow and therefore¬†avoiding unnecessary burns and spills. The fluid attenuator valve also works as a straw hole. The travel mug and lid is 100% dishwasher safe. The travel mug ships in a beautiful recycled package making it great as a gift. Care and handling instructions are also included.34.95


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